Backlinks XXX Review

backlinks xxx review

Neil Patel wrote in his latest post:

“Don’t make excuses, make improvements”Neil Patel

After the many Google updates this past year, I had given up on SEO. It had just become too frustrating trying to figure out what Google was looking for when trying to rank sites high in the SERPs.

However, a week ago, I read this review of Backlinks XXX and it inspired me to take a look at SEO again. So instead of making excuses about why SEO wasn’t working for me, I purchased the course and began the process of making SEO work for me.

So after having reading and trying to implement the Backlinks XXX system for a good few days now, I have to say I’m quite impressed!

It’s not often that one comes across a ranking system that actually works. The truth is that there are a gazillion-and-one such courses in existence out there. I mean it – the internet is quite literally littered with courses, guides, programs, software and systems that promise users the world and more!

However the truth is that despite making bold claims, very few of them actually work.

Backlinks XXX makes some pretty bold claims too, and it would be totally understandable if you were to be apprehensive about it. However in my experience, the system does what it promises, and does it well!

Backlinks XXX is an SEO course built by two proven players in the field – Diggy (of fame) and Glen (of ViperChill fame – and a guy who, according to The Guardian, ‘showed entrepreneurial flare through his teens, and developed his expertise in SEO’).

These two are very good at what they do, i.e. getting websites ranked, and as they put it, ‘figuring out what really works to get high search engine results for websites was their obsession!’

Backlinks XXX is a result of this obsessions.

The guide is based on a tried, tested and proven formula that lets bloggers and website owners rank high on the SERP really quickly. It lets SEOs, SEMs, webmasters and bloggers get traffic on their content and their websites.

Diggy and Glen devised this formula on their own, and it yielded results that were beyond brilliant – despite the introduction of Google Penguin (which, lets not forget, caused a lot of websites that were ranking well taking a hit in search engine rankings), and other changes to Google’s search engine algorithm.

In fact, the formula has been proven to:

  • Survive every Google update that Google threw at them. Penguin, Panda, the Exact-Match domain update.
  • Work on old websites that had thousands of links but just didn’t have the rankings.
  • Work on brand new websites – even with just 1-5 pages – in highly profitable industries.
  • Most importantly, it works fast. Their websites got ranked in as quick as 6 days, and never took more than 2-3 weeks to show up on the first page

Right, so a little bit about the backlinks XXX course: this video-based system includes 10 core modules, which amounts to more than 4 hours of video.

It includes SEO strategies that will allow new blogs and websites to rank extremely well within no time, as well as established websites or domains who might be struggling with attaining a good SEO ranking or looking to improve their existing ranking and get more traffic.

The system has already received rave reviews, including positive reviews from hundreds of highly satisfied customers, as well as websites such as Point Blank SEO and many other reputable and well-known names in the industry – all of which just goes to show how effective the system is.

As far as the fees are concerned, I’m glad to inform you that there are no recurring fees involved. Most such courses and trainings usually involve some kind of a subscription (well, at least most that I’ve come across). With Backlinks XXX, you’ll just be making a one-time payment to purchase the course, and that’s it.

The price for the course is $97, which I personally think is a bargain for what’s included – you get to learn from two of the top names in the industry about how to rank well, you get a proven system that actually works for a change, you get the exact same strategies used by Glen and Diggy that has helped them not only take their own sites to the top (and sell some for 5 figures), but has also helped them continuously rank many other sites too despite everything that Google had to throw at them.

Also included in the price are six bonus modules. And if you don’t like it (which I highly doubt after having seen the system first hand!), you get all your money back, no questions asked! And you get as many as 2 months to try it out. If it doesn’t work for you, you get a refund.

I mean it just has win-win written all over it! Go ahead and buy it, you don’t really have anything to lose. And based on my own personal experience with the system, I am certain that Backlinks XXX will not disappoint.

Try Backlinks XXX today!

Reviewing the New and Improved Bring the Fresh

Bring The Fresh 2013 - Bigger, Better, Fresher

Have you ever wanted to make a money making website online? Of course you have. But it’s freaking hard. You need to know how to buy web hosting, purchase a domain, keyword research, create your site, and build links.

And you need to do it the RIGHT way!

One mistake, and your little niche site will never get off the ground.

That’s why you need training, from proven teachers who know what they’re doing. Someone who’s done it themselves, and created a repeatable process.

That’s what Bring the Fresh is. It’s a training site/forum that has been around since 2010 and it’s been helping its members make money for a long time. And as Google keeps changing their algorithms, Bring the Fresh keeps updating right along with them.

I first learned about Bring the Fresh from the blog He wrote a review post of Bring the Fresh and had it ranking for all the relevant keywords using techniques he learned from the site.

What Is Bring the Fresh?

Bring the Fresh is a site run by a guy named Kelly Felix. If you’ve been around the internet marketing space for awhile, you’ll know that Kelly was once known as The Rich Jerk. This guy has made countless money making websites over the years, and he knows how to teach it to his members.

On the site, you’ll find tons of step by step video training guiding you through the various aspects of building your niche site, and getting it to rank. There’s also the Fast Start Guide ebook which is the Bible of niche site building. It’s really great and even newbies can follow along.

But where Bring the Fresh really stands out is the forum. The Bring the Fresh community is a fun place to hang out, and you get to pick the brains of other marketers who are learning just like you are. Be an active forum member, and I guarantee you will learn something new every day.

Bring The Fresh • Index page

Once you start building your site, you can post a link to it on the forum and get some critical feedback you need. It’s an excellent way to get the critical feedback you need to create a successful site.

Final Thoughts

Even better, you can join Bring the Fresh for a $7 – 7 day trial. And then after that it’s an $87 one time fee. The value you get for this price is amazing. Usually similar forums cost that much EACH month.

If you want to learn how to make money making niche sites, then Bring the Fresh is the place to join. Sign up today and you won’t regret it.

Join Bring the Fresh

The Benefit of Using A Freelance Site Like Odesk


Whether you are a freelancer looking for work, or someone looking to hire a freelancer for a specific project, Odesk offers many benefits over the traditional approach. With over half a million businesses having used Odesk at some point, it is clearly one of the more popular freelance sites. Here are a few benefits of using Odesk:

Benefits For Freelancers

You can browse through thousands of jobs to find the one that is just right for you.

If you can only work a set number of hours per week or if you only want to commit to one project at a time, chances are you will find something suitable on Odesk.

Odesk is a trusted platform to use, so you can rest assured that you will always be paid for the hours you work.

Some hirers are looking for freelancers with a very specific skill set. This means that some skills which you never thought of as appealing to potential employers can actually get you some work on a freelance site like Odesk. For example, maybe you are in the internet marketing niche. Then you would be the perfect candidate to write for a site like Affiliate Product Buzz and create useful product reviews.

Getting noticed as a quality freelancer will lead to more opportunities, as people will specifically seek you out for their freelance work if you have a proven track record.

Benefits For Clients

You can find the ideal candidate for your needs, because you can reach a much larger audience by using Odesk.

You only pay for the hours or work that is done. This means no extra expenses such as staff retirement plans, medical, dental and other staff benefits you would need to pay if you were employing someone full time.

The amount you pay the freelancers is often a lot less than you would otherwise need to pay them if you hired them by traditional means. Often people who really need the work are prepared to accept a lower fee to ensure they have constant work. There are also many talented freelancers who are just starting out, so they do not yet have the track record to be justify demanding a larger fee.

This is just a small sample of the benefits of using Odesk for freelancers and hirers. If you need more convincing, take a look at Brad Kelley’s Odesk review which is also a very good look at the site.

Because of the reputation that Odesk have established for themselves, they attract a very large number of users. This means you should have no trouble finding the freelance work you are looking for, or finding the ideal freelancer to do your work.

Backlink Takeover Review

We’re looking at Backlink Takeover today, a WSO that will get your links on the top of SERP, by employing some extremely simple and easy backlinking techniques.


Let’s be honest for a second, backlinking is a boring, tedious and a cumbersome job. However it goes without saying that it is the cornerstone to getting more visitors, hits and clicks and hence making more money. But even hours upon hours of backlinking does not guarantee success by any means.

I’m quite sure many of us have websites and online affiliate businesses that just aren’t (or weren’t, at some point) producing the expected returns. No matter what sort of website you run – be it a personal blog, an affiliate business, running a company website or doing CPA, Amazon or clickbank – backlinking is vital. Without link juice from Google, there’s absolutely no way of getting people on your website or making some dough.

Only once you’ve mastered the art of backlinking will you be able to truly reap the rewards. Heck, you can then even take on some clients, who will more than be ready and willing to give you cash to do the SEO for them!

Backlink Takeover

Which brings us back to square one: how to do backlinking easily, minus the boring, tedious part? Well, you’ll be glad to know that this is precisely what Backlink Takeover is all about! With Backlink Takeover, you’ll learn some amazing backlinking skills (hard sell, I know, but I really mean it!), and be able to rank on Google and just about any other site out there! Backlink Takeover also has some excellent insider information that, quite honestly, I haven’t come across in any other guide (and I’ve reviewed a lot of them, mind you!).

Just How Good Is It?

Backlink Takeover is the product of many years of research, trial and error, mistakes, finding out what works and discovering what doesn’t. So in a way, it’s the perfect guide out there for any internet marketing newbie or novice. Its guides like these that really make you think if it’s even necessary to spend so much time on useless trial and error methods, and instead just grab a copy of this guide and learn from the people who’ve already done it. And it’s not just that. Backlink Takeover has proven backlinking methods that work. So you’re essentially getting a package which, quite literally, spells out what to avoid and what exactly to do.

The Backlink Takeover guide is a one-stop-shop for all things SEO. You’ll read, in detail, about stuff like critical and essential elements of SEO, Panda-friendly methods of SEO, how to become an authority link and get websites to link to you, services that the authors themselves use for backlinking, SEO practices that should be avoided at all costs, using photo-sharing websites, advanced SEO techniques… And this is just the tip of the iceberg as there is a LOT (and I do mean, A LOT (in caps!) of other useful information inside. It’s absolutely mind blowing, the amount of good, nay, invaluable information that they’ve packed in Backlink Takeover!

Final Words

I honestly don’t think I need to tell you how truly awesome Backlink Takeover really is, as I might run out of adjectives. So I’ll instead cut straight to the chase. The price, right now, is $9.97 and also thrown in the package are a couple of bonuses, information on which you can read by clicking the link below.

Backlink Takeover has got some great reviews as well, and honestly, you would be foolish to even think twice about whether to get this right now or not!

Click Thru Revolution Review


A lot of times, we speak of ranking, SERP, PR, backlinking, ranking for specific keywords, and what not. A lot of products in the market out there promise great SERP and rankings for your keywords, and most of them work as well, such as those reviewed on this site. However almost all products and the people selling these products automatically assume that people know the keywords they want to rank high for.

What if that’s not the case. What if someone wants to know what keywords they should rank for, in order to make the most dough, and bring in the largest profits?

Click Thru Revolution – the eBook

That’s basically where Click Thru Revolution comes in! Click Thru Revolution is a guide, present in the form of a short eBook, which basically introduces you to a software through which you can look up what people are buying and they keywords that they might be searching. This makes determining what keywords you would want to rank for, easy as anything. Knowing what people are looking for is always better than the other way around. Picking up the keywords takes seconds, so the process is lightning quick!

The software

However there’s a slight catch. As stated above, the book actually introduces you to a software, which basically does all the work for you. The software looks up the  buyer keywords, and basically is at the heart of everything Click Thru Revolution stands for. The software comes with a monthly subscription fee which is not a lot. But it easily pays for itself and gets you a good income on top of that, so well worth the monthly subscription I’d say!

Is it any good?

In one word: yes! Knowing what keywords people are looking up, what they’re buying – that’s absolutely invaluable information and there can be no second opinion about that!

Combined with any SEO methods or techniques you might be using, Click Thru Revolution and the software it comes with provides some absolutely invaluable information.

But that’s not even the best part. Imagine knowing what keywords and products people are buying, if you’re running an Amazon (or any other) affiliate business! I think having the power of knowing the keywords in this case is, simply put, priceless information and puts a potential goldmine right at your feet!

Concluding Words

Click Thru Revolution simply takes the guess work out of the picture, and provides you with vital intel. Knowing about buying keywords, all of which have been used recently is information that could otherwise be tough to dig up, but not anymore. I don’t think I even need to begin telling you how important the software can prove to be for your business.

The price of the guide right now is $7 on the dot. The monthly subscription fees of the software you’ll be using is just $19.95 per month. That’s an absolute bargain compared with the fees some other similar software are charging right now! And you’ll probably be able to break-even in the first couple of days you start using this!

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