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Nowadays, everyone out there is making a buck or two online (or at least trying to). The most popular way to go about it is by becoming an affiliate, and perhaps the most profitable too, if done correctly. That’s pretty much the keyword right there, doing it ‘correctly’ and doing it right. If you are planning to become, or already are, an Amazon or Clickback affiliate, you would know that you need to have a proper website up and running, along with an appropriate theme.

If you are looking for such a theme, well, look no further, AzonAdvice Review Theme is precisely what you might be looking for!

AzonAdvice Review Theme is one of the most top-rated themes out there, aimed specifically at people running Amazon and Clickbank affiliate websites, and is the ideal theme to run the perfect review website or blog.

The theme lets you display the merchandise you might be promoting or reviewing in a manner that is similar to the one being used by many big online-stores right now. You can add separate sections for stuff such as top-rated items and best-selling items. You can also customize the view to display items along with their reviews. Separate buttons can be added to either expand that review, or go to website the read the complete review, which will then redirect the visitor to your affiliate.

You can also easily add ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Add to Cart’ buttons, and the purchase can then be made either on your website or your affiliate’s (if you choose to redirect the visitor).

Ever Google’d up a product and seen one of those results which show the review of said product, along with its rating based on 5 stars? That exactly how your results will show up as well, whenever your review pages show up on Google.

The AzonAdvice Review Theme supports manual supports manual posting, WPRobot and WPZonBuilder. If you’re already using a different theme and are switching to this (which you should since I can already safely say this theme is superior to whatever you might have!), AzonAdvice Review Theme makes integration a breeze, without any need to edit all your posts or pages.

AzonAdvice Review Theme is available for purchase at just $7.00, which is mind-bogglingly cheap for a theme that claims to do everything that it does. They’ve even thrown in a bonus in that price. Strongly suggest you grab this now, if you’re an established affiliate or if you’re someone who’s been thinking of becoming one.

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