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Email Marketing and List-Building: An Introduction

Email marketing has got to be one of the simplest, easiest and most reliable methods of reaching out to your customers, especially in this day and age when we are much more reliant on emails than perhaps any other form of messaging.

What if creating email lists based on millions of subscribers was the single most easiest thing you ever did. What if sending out an email, that stood out and guaranteed to grab the attention of its recipients was just as simple as well? Hard sell, I know. And those who have done this (or at the very least, attempted to do this) in the past know that the process of list-building is anything but easy.

Email Marketing Tycoon

However there is now a solution, which goes by the name of Email Marketing Tycoon. Quite possible, one of the best email marketing guides out there right now, Email Marketing Tycoon takes you through the process of building lists, and sending emails with a high hit-rate, in a step-by-step and systematic manner.

The guide has been divided into four sections. You’ll start off from understanding what your customer wants and then tailor your emails according to their wants instead of spamming their inbox. Then there’s a section on creating emails that attract  subscribers and receivers to open and read them – something that’s extremely important when it comes to email marketing, as usually, this conversion rate is quite low. Having a large, loyal group of subscribers ensures you have a high conversion rate, and that usually translates to higher profits.

The guide also goes through the techniques of using an auto responder system properly, and a whole list of other insider information on building effective and more importantly, profitable lists.

List Building Techniques

Email Marketing Tycoon has a full set of extremely powerful list building techniques that work:

  1. Why use smaller lists, instead of larger ones.
  2. Email marketing pitfalls and blunders every marketer should avoid,
  3. Free methods to grow your lists, that work every time,
  4. Make your message grab the attention of the reader immediately, literally forcing him/her to read and making it impossible for them to ignore/spam it.

Concluding Thoughts

Email Marketing Tycoon therefore, is an email marketing goldmine, a true marketer heaven! If that in itself wasn’t enough, the guide comes with a set of some really cool bonuses (use link below to find more), which are worth hundreds themselves. The price for the package, right now, is an unbelievable $7, but bear in mind that this is a limited-time promotional offer, which probably won’t last too long. I strongly recommend that every email marketer… nay, marketer out there grab a copy of Email Marketing Tycoon before sending out another email. It’s an absolute steal at this price!

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